You are currently viewing Wiley is providing free access to coronavirus research articles to support relief efforts.

Wiley is providing free access to coronavirus research articles to support relief efforts.

We’ve started a new section on our platform – Medical News Alerts. The news about John Wiley and Sons Inc. providing free access to all the 54 currently available research articles about the deadly coronavirus is worth a mention. 

Wiley is a leading global platform in research and education. It has promised to provide free access to all coronavirus research articles in support of the outbreak relief efforts in China and around the world. All the new research papers are freely accessible as they become available.

The more than 54 articles are both medical and scientific related – they include research from the journal of Medical Virology, Transboundary and Emerging Diseases, Zoonoses and Public Health.

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COVID-19 pandemic is a critical issue. Wiley will continue to monitor the events as they unfold. Wiley has gone further to create a centralized research resource that you can access from here.

For some of us who don’t know about Wiley, they drive the world forward with research and education. They help students, researchers, universities, and corporations achieve goals in an ever-changing world, through publishing, platforms, and services. They have delivered consistent performance to all their stakeholders for more than 200 years.

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