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Seek help. It’s humane.

Seek help but, do not become an outright beggar. You may soon be an outcast in your community.

Independence is an aspect desired by the majority, an aspect that doesn’t exist in real life. I always come across colleagues, friends and relatives confused or even stressed about the anxiety associated with seeking help. Many of us are too afraid to swallow our pride and ask for help. It reflects in the perceptions we hold upon others that they may think ill about us.

God created nature to be dependent upon one another. Claiming to be independent is diverting from humanity and nature. No human being or a living thing is self-sufficient: we all depend upon one another.

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People are ready to help: allow them to help by seeking their help. People are not angels to see through your body to tell that you need help.
Additionally, it’s not a must that whenever you seek help, automatically you get it. At times seeking help helps in itself. I remember a colleague who always calls his friends and asks them for financial aid – aware that they couldn’t help: this effort helps him calm down.
Seeking help is not a sign of weakness towards the seeker. It’s humane. Therefore don’t be afraid to seek help – you’re human: the world strongly knows that.

Abbas Ahmad Kafumbe

Clinical Psychologist TPO & Pearl mental Wellness centre

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