Ministry of Health Call The Clinic App

Ministry of Health Call-The-Clinic App is yours: Utilise it.

COVID-19 has forever changed our global interactions. We aren’t about reverting to the ‘old normal’ at any point soon. People are dying and it may be me or you any safer if you do not follow the standard operating procedures. Do not live a neglectful life we once lived before the advent of this global disaster. We have a crucial role – to ensure our safety, that is, to stay informed with the correct information. The ministry of health Call-The-Clinic App proves to be useful. Let’s talk about it.

The ministry of health Call-The-clinic App alias MoH CTC is a healthcare App for over-the-phone (OTP) medical e-Consultations. Designed and developed by CTI Africa Limited, the App eases your experience during a medical e-Consultation. It eliminates the need to cover a long distance, waiting in the long queues at the hospitals before a healthcare worker interacts with you for an infectious disease.

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Upon downloading the App – which unfortunately is still available on Google Play Store only, you create an account when you register your mobile phone number, email address, bio-data and a brief but crucial medical history. A registered account on the platform is a prerequisite for accessing the medical personnel and get advice over the phone for probable infectious disease cases.

While in the App, you can check out the symptoms related to COVID-19, if you experience any. You can read the ministry of health guidelines and access the toll-free lines.
The App is only 20MBs, no unnecessary adverts. The download link is here. Let’s all stay informed side of life, as we await the COVID-19 vaccine.

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