You are currently viewing Medscape: Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Centre

Medscape: Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Centre

The novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a global pandemic with the number of confirmed cases standing at more than 23 million as of writing this article. The world has never experienced a disease of this magnitude since the inception of the 4th industrial revolution. This pandemic has come at a time when false news spread so farther than the truth through social media platforms. It is where education platforms like Medscape become invaluable, as they present the most credible sources of information at the time when everyone is reading about the disease de novo.

Several organizations have availed all resources in terms of research articles and clinical guidelines for free to enable the frontline clinicians to tackle the intricacies of the pandemic. Many such platforms have paid subscriptions.

Medscape joins such platforms in providing the most up to date information about the novel Coronavirus on the go – both online and offline. The content is accessible both from the website and the apps – from either the App Store or Google Play Store.

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You can access the COVID-19 resource centre from Medscape here. All material at Medscape is protected by copyright by WebMD LLC.

Stay home, protect our health care system, save lives.

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