Gifted Hands. Should You read this book?

Gifted Hands. Should you read this book in the 21st century?

Gifted Hands takes any reader for a spin through the non-fiction life of one of the finest paediatric neurosurgeons to live on earth. Dr Ben Carson, a retired paediatric neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins University, former United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, provides a glimmer of hope and acts as a shining light to the African Americans and blacks in general. A fine-tuned surgeon from the outskirts of a poverty-stricken Detroit, Dr Ben Carson mesmerised every soul that worked with or near him. From his outstanding surgical skills and humility, Dr Ben Carson portrays his life in a book. It is seemingly simple but audaciously impressive to those that yearn for excellence. Published in 1990, we revisit the book and ascertain its relevance in the 21st century. Should you still read it?

Gifted Hands portrays the life and works of a surgeon who gave children a second chance at life. Famously known for successfully separating the Siamese twins and rejuvenating the once fallen hemispherectomy surgeries for epilepsy, Dr Ben Carson is the shining star to everyone who hasn’t entered medical school and plans to do. And anyone medical student or junior doctor who hasn’t found themselves in the vast wilderness of the medical field. Moreover, he gives hope to anyone who has lost it after a sudden calamity has afflicted them, say after losing a parent in whichever fashion.

He exudes the goodwill and humility any person should have toward the vulnerable population. Sick people require utmost compassion, and by reading this book, anyone exactly understands this rhetoric. Life is utterly hard when you are sick: you need a humble clinician, as well as a caretaker at your bedside. Dr Ben Carson extends vast examples to show the vitality of understanding doctors and caretakers.

To anyone struggling to make it in life, Gifted Hands extends a ray of hope through entrusting the Lord with every endeavour you intend to accomplish. Ask for his sovereign guidance. We all need the Lord to show us the light.

To aspiring writers, Gifted Hands exhibits all the elements of style. Writing for the general audience is the most challenging part of scientific writing. You aim to pen down as little medical jargon as possible. In the book, Dr Ben Carson explains the few medical terms he writes such that the public can understand and yet, he doesn’t bore the reader from the medical field. The balance of such a writing style should be a dream of any aspiring author. It is a skill that we learn through relentless reading, writing, and critiquing the letters and papers we come across.

Read this book:

What patients say, what doctors hear. A book you should read.

Furthermore, Gifted Hands portrays what you can achieve when you work as a team. For example, when Dr Ben Carson talks about the ground-breaking Siamese twins’ separation surgery, he spends time shining a light on the stellar work that his colleagues and the entire team accomplished to pull the surgical procedure off. He talks about himself less often. It is a feat that you don’t see among the elites. A trait that only the successful ones have. Teamwork is crucial to the success of any organisation. You need people to connect the blurred dots of life. An excellent surgeon works with stellar assistants and sublime anaesthesiologists. A performing lawyer works with outstanding colleagues who shine a torch into a complicated case to crack it.

When you read Gifted Hands, you realise that excellence has many facets. Dr Ben Carson praises his physician assistant, who explained the diagnoses and treatment plans to his patients. she was such an avid communicator. In any field, you need someone who will explain your works to the clients in a manner that fascinates them. That’s how development continues. Successful people know how to communicate. You won’t learn the etiquettes of proper communication by reading Gifted Hands; you will understand its importance.

Luck is the epicentre of success. However, luck only bears fruits when it coincides with opportunities. And opportunities belong to those that endeavour to prepare for them. When you prepare yourself to find opportunities, you will find luck.

In the 21st century, regardless of your origin and aspirations, you ought to read Gifted Hands to garner hope and understand the power of the people around you and how they can shape your future. In an era when everyone is busy, you need more books like this to cope up with the tides of life. Luckily enough, it is a book that is available along the streets of Kampala. Every bookstore has it. Don’t miss this opportunity to revive yourself. You can also write your story.

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