You are currently viewing Free CPD/CME Courses from the Uganda Medical and Dental Practitioners Council.

Free CPD/CME Courses from the Uganda Medical and Dental Practitioners Council.

CPD/CME courses not only ensure that medical practitioners know the latest, clinical guidelines and research about their specialities but also provide hours that the Uganda Medical and Dental Practitioners Council (UMDPC) requires to update their licence for the following year.

The UMDPC requires that every member registered with the council acquires a minimum of 48 hours through CPD/CME courses to get a licence. In the past, doctors in the country had to attend organised conferences, workshops, and other various forms of educational meetings to garner the required credit hours for the licence. It, however, implied doctors who worked in remote settings with a tight schedule, as well as, below par transport means could miss such opportunities.

That hassle ends now. The UMDPC collaborated with the World Continuing Education Alliance (WCEA) to launch a free branded online platform and mobile App with free COVID-19 resources plus an array of free mandatory CPD/CME resources, which include but not limited to ethics, leadership, and management.

The WCEA under a similar collaboration with the Uganda Nurses and Midwives Council (UNMC) provides all nurses and midwives in the country with targeted courses. Let’s encourage them to embrace it.

Nurses and Midwives can access the online CPDs
Image credit: WCEA

Of note, all members of the Uganda Medical Association (UMA) will have two accounts with access to all other CPD/CME courses for all medical practitioners.

You can download and study courses offline and also store all other CPD activities in the App. Every registered member of the UMDPC has received an email that contains his/her user name and a temporary password. It means that you have a CPD account. Download the App or visit the online platform and login to create a new password. Afterwards, you will follow the prompts to have the account fully set up: all the content will be available free of charge. Follow this link to create an account and stay up-to-date.


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