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Elsevier also opens a free access resource centre for the Novel coronavirus.

A few days ago, we notified you about the availability of free research material about the novel coronavirus at NEJM. The good news from Elsevier is that they have also joined the train and are providing all the necessary research articles, educational papers and brochures about the 2019 coronavirus outbreak. They promise open access as well as all the latest research information as it becomes available.

Margaret Hessen, MD, the director, Point of Care at the company noted how coronavirus showed us the ability of the new disease to take root and spread. She also said that an explosion of clinical and epidemiological information and research always accompany events like this.

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Margaret Hessen, MD, says that the goal of this resource centre is to open any resources. It will help public health authorities, researchers and clinicians contain and manage this disease. She assured that Elsevier is continually providing updated resources from its content and experts.

The resource platform includes Elsevier’s scientific and medical journals and textbooks, educational products, as well as resources from the CDC and WHO. Access this information by clicking on the highlighted text in this paragraph.

Elsevier is a global information, analytics business specializing in science and health, with a mission of leading the way in advancing science, technology and health. Elsevier and its partners help institutions and professionals advance health care, open science and improve performance for the benefit of humanity. The information turns into actionable knowledge by combining content with technology, supported by operational efficiency.


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