Three Apps that you ought to have as a health care provider – they complete you.

Gone are the days when health care providers needed to have almost all the medical information in their brains. In this 4th industrial revolution, when everyone has access to medical information – amidst the ever-changing evidence-based medicine, health care providers cannot keep up with reading hardcopy books which will usually arrive with information that is ...

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Podcasts. Why you should embrace them.

Podcasts provide the convenience of listening to your favourite programmes on the go. You don’t need to disrupt your routine to catch that fascinating program when you can listen to it anytime, anywhere. You can learn about any topic around the globe through the various podcasts’ platforms worldwide. When we talk about podcasts, Apple users ...

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ShareTheMeal: Donate to Charity and Solve Hunger: App review

ShareTheMeal is the charity app by the World Food Programme that allows you to feed a child in need with just a tap on your phone. It was developed by the United Nations and released on 10th November 2015. Each year, hunger kills more people than malaria, HIV and tuberculosis. There are 20 times as ...

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